10 Worst Athletes Who Really Need To Find A New Career

Worst Athletes
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How embarrassing would it be to found, by law, as the “world’s worst” tennis player? These professional athletes sucked. It’s a surprise that many of them were able to stick around for as long as they did. A few even tried to switch over to other sports and had just as bad luck there as they did in the other sports they played in. Some had more individual losses or set records for the worst scores ever, you really have to be doing something bad to be setting “worst record” in tournament history. You wouldn’t think that Michael Jordan would be in a list of worst athletes, but he made it on the list. Click next to find out why.

1. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan Worst Player

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Basketball and baseball.

The six-time MVP for the Chicago Red Bulls may not be known as a loser. But when he put on a baseball uniform, it was terrible.

After retiring in 1993, he debuted for the Southern League Birmingham Barons and the Arizona Fall League Scottsdale Scorpions. His batting average was .202 that Jordan realized the mistake he made and went back to the Bulls for the 1995-96 season.

2. Drew Henson

Drew Henson Worst Player

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Baseball and football.

Drew Henson was the understudy for Tom Brady at the University of Michigan.

He started his professional career hitting for the New York Yankees back in 2002. With his .111 batting average he quit baseball and was drafted by the Houston Texans, then traded to the Dallas Cowboys in 2004. His throws were inconsistent and he was benched. He went on to NFL Europe and was on the Viking and Lions before he retired from football as well.

Guess he realized he was no good in sports and we’re glad he’s gone.

3. Ali Dia

Ali Dia Worst Player

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How would you feel as a coach if a player conned his way onto a team? He got his friend to pose as FIFA World Player of the Year, George Weah, to recommend him for the team.

He got to play in a premiership game and was quickly taken off the team.

4. Maurice Flitcroft

Maurice Flitcroft Worst Player

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Maurice Flitcroft had a half-set of clubs and an instruction manual from the local library to prepare himself for the 1976 Open. He achieved a total of 121-49 over par, the worst score ever recorded in the tournament’s history. But this wasn’t the exact score. His marker lost count on a couple of holes seeing him play.

5. Robert Dee

Robert Dee Worst Player

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When you’ve have 54 straight-set losses on the professional circuit, you might take it as a sign that you aren’t cut out for the job. When the newspapers and websites began to echo worst player in history, he tried to sue them for defamation.

The Daily Telegraph refused to back down and supported their writers and the claims were true. When the case went to the High Court judge, the evidence supplied by the newspaper was sufficient enough to justify “world’s worst.” Robert Dee may go down in history as the only professional athlete who was deemed the “world’s worst” by law.

6. Mario Mendoza

Mario Mendoza Worst Player

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Signed by the Pittsburgh Pirates as an amateur free agent, he made his debut April 26, 1974.

Hit batting average over the nine years he played was .215 that that the Pittsburgh Pirates tried to pawn him off on Seattle Mariners. They only kept him for a year before he was picked up by the Texas Rangers, who had little luck getting his numbers up. He only had four home runs over the nine years of his career.

7. Chad Hutchinson

Chad Hutchinson Worst Player

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Baseball and football.

Having a 24.75 earned run average for the St. Louis Cardinals, he left baseball and was an undrafted free agent in the NFL.

The Cowboys won him in a bidding war and signed him for a three-year deal. Many thought he would be an upcoming rookie but his mediocre stats, the Cowboys left him in the dust. He spent some time in NFL Europe and then went to the Chicago Bears but his horrible stats, he was cut loose.

8. Andre Deveaux

Andre Deveaux Worst Player

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The 182nd pick in the 2002 draft he has only played 22 games before the Montreal Leafs dropped him and gave him to the Rangers where he only played 9 more games.

He attacked an opponent on the ice during warm-up for a playoff game and had his contract terminated.

9. Brie Whitehead

Brie Whitehead Worst Player

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With a 2-40 win-loss ratio for singles and 0-6 for doubles, you have to be pretty bad. Over her career from 2006 to 2010, she has only $9,513 prize money over her entire career. Not to mention she hasn’t won a single WTA or ITF title over her career, many people are glad that she doesn’t play for the United States anymore.

10. Rusty Lisch

Rusty Lisch Worst Player

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Quarterback for the St. Louis Cardinals they saw only, he only had one touchdown over the four years on the team. He was picked up by the Chicago Bears in 1984, who had it even worse.

He threw 11 interceptions in the 30 games he played.