10 Times Craig Sager Was The Best (AND Best Dressed) Man In The Arena

Sager’s Suits Were A Part Of The Game


Source:  Sports Illustrated / Twitter @DwightHoward

Sager insisted that his flashy suits were never worn off the court, but he stuck to wearing them for every game.

Craig, who was married to Stacy Sager at the time of his passing, was a proud father of two. His daughter Riley reportedly enjoyed helping her dad out with outfits. Riley would assist Sager in picking out ties and suits even though he’d been into flashy pieces for decades. Sager mentioned in a 2013 interview with USA Today how Riley was so excited to help out and stated “she likes purples and pinks” specifically for his ties.

While some speculated he wore his suits everywhere he went, he was quick to shut the rumors down. When asked he said, “Of course not. That’s my game uniform.” So he kept it business when it came to his best suits despite what people thought.