The Three Most Victorious Sports Cities

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Winning a sports championship is one of the most exciting things that can happen for a town. The problem is that each town’s team is only considered victorious if they are winning championships. What people do not realize is the true winning cities are those that have a team that manages to help get the city on the map. Now if we only looked at championships we would automatically think about New York, Pittsburgh, or even Saint Louis, but championships don’t always make a winning team. Therefore, here are the top three winning cities that may not have won a ton of championships but do have some great fans.

One of the largest winning sports cities is Cincinnati. While the city itself doesn’t have a lot going for it and the sports teams have struggled quite a bit, it is a winning sports city because of its historical past. The city is home to the Cincinnati Reds, who were the first professional baseball team, and the Cincinnati Bengals who are still owned by the same family who founded the team after bringing football to Cleveland.

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Our next town with a storied sports history isn’t even in America, but it is home to a major hockey team that has led to quite a few of the rivalries in the NHL. That town is none other than Toronto, Canada. These rivalries have helped to fuel the love of NHL fans, and also made for some memorable games.

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Los Angeles is the last town we consider to beĀ one of the most victorious cities in America. While the city itself has not seen many championships the sports teams have helped to mold some of the strongest fan bases in the nation. This in turn has led to a city that seems to be united.

Maybe it’s time we started picking our best sports cities based off of the good they do for the community rather than the trophies they acquire. That is why we chose LA, Cincinnati, and Toronto as the most victorious cities in North America. Their fan base and history make them truly awesome teams.