The 15 Most Extreme Bodybuilders Of All Time

15. Gregg Valentino


Source: Wikimedia Commons / Trashy Times

Gregg Valentino is only 5’6”, but his arms measure 28” in circumference.

Gregg Valentino admits he got into bodybuilding because he has a “small man complex” and wanted to get bigger since he could not get any taller. He pumped iron for a long time without the help of steroids and managed to grow his biceps to 21”.

When he wanted to take his body to the next level, he began injecting himself with 5000 mg of Synthol each week. Valentino says he has bench pressed more than 500 pounds, but thanks to his Synthol and open steroid use, he was not very popular the bodybuilding community.

Other athletes thought he looked stupid and some went as far as to say he was an embarrassment to bodybuilders. He has even been called the most hated man in bodybuilding.

Guess big arms can’t buy you friends.