The Cast Of ‘A League Of Their Own’ Then And Now

Jimmy Dugan Then


Source: Columbia Pictures

Tom Hanks

Thomas Jeffrey Hanks plays Jimmy Dugan, the former marquee Cubs slugger who manages The Peaches.

Tom Hanks admits that his acting in his earlier roles wasn’t that great, but this role helped him to climb back on top as the washed-up baseball legend. Since the film he has gone on to play the memorable Forrest Gump, voice Woody in Toy Story, and win two Oscars for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

One of the most memorable scenes was when Jimmy Dugan was relieving himself in the locker room. Penny Marshall stood in a stall off camera and used a hose and a bucket to give Dugan’s epic #1 a pee time of 53 seconds.

While filming, 1700 extras had to suffer through the extreme Indiana heat in the costumes from that period. To entertain them, Rosie O’Donnell and Tom Hanks took turns entertaining the extras during the down time with puppet shows in 100+ degree weather.

Tom Hanks also gained 30 pounds for the role and attributed it to a Dairy Queen nearby. “He ate his way through Chicago and Indiana,” Marshall jokes today.

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