8 Sports Athletes Who Spend Their Time Giving to Charity

8 Sports Athletes Who Spend Their Time Giving to Charity

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A lot of athletes know what it’s like to come from a tough background. The athletes we love might have made it big, but they have never forgotten about those who are less fortunate.

These sports stars make our hearts all mushy when we hear about their endeavors for charity, and without these athletes many would go hungry or be left without the support they need.

These sports celebrities give their time to charity, so maybe you should too!


1. Serena Williams

Serena Williams

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Queen of the racquet gives all to charity.

Not only is Serena Williams one of the top athletes in the world, but she also opens her heart to all kinds of charities.

Williams has started the Serena Williams Foundation, which helped to fund the building of a high school in Kenya in 2008 and offers university scholarships for underprivileged kids in the States. She has done work for breast cancer associations, and she has been particularly involved in working with at-risk youth in clinics, schools and community centres.

Serena and her sister Venus are also major contributors to the foundation called First Serve Miami which helps underprivileged youth to learn tennis. Serena Williams also contributed to a charity event that would donate funds to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

She donates time, money and effort to so many organisations and foundations that if we named them all we would need a book. Besides all this, she still has time to be the top woman in tennis. Amazing!

2. David Beckham

David Beckham

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Donate like Beckham.

He might not spend as much time on the field anymore, but the once sports star has spent a famous amount of time on charities and recognised across the world for his charity work.

Not only has he been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2005, but he has been a key role of support for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children Foundation. Beckham also founded the Malaria No More Foundation with other like-minded charitable people, and he has given plenty of support to various foundations aimed at treating and ending AIDS.

And it’s not just him, Victoria Beckham has also gotten in on the generosity. Together, she and David run their own charity called the Victoria and David Beckham Charitable Trust which aims to relieve homelessness, poverty and education in the underprivileged.

Now that is a power couple!

3. Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter

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Hitting a home run for charity.

Derek Jeter is one of MLB’s most recognisable figures, but many wouldn’t know how much he has done for charity.

Jeter started the Turn 2 Foundation back in 1996, which was created to help youth avoid drug and alcohol abuse and to give rewards to those who did well at school. Since he has retired, he has spent more time on the charity, and it is going better than ever!

He also supports the Stand Up To Cancer Foundation and the Entertainment Industry charity, as well as being an ambassador for Weplay, an awesome website that is made to help kids get involved in sports.

4. Ndamukong Suh

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Giving back to education.

Ndamukong Suh made massive waves back in 2010 when he donated the biggest amount ever given to the University of Nebraska when he donated $2.6 million to the school. Yes, you read that right, $2.6 million!

He stated that $2 million of his donation would be given to the Nebraska Athletics for its Strength and Conditioning Program. The remaining money would be used to make a scholarship for the UNL College of Engineering where he graduated in 2009.

But it doesn’t end there! He also donated $250 000 to his old high school to help them make a turf field in 2013. Suh is a bona fide education saviour!

5. Lebron James

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A slam dunk for contributions!

Lebron James knows how to give back to the community. He’s a renowned philanthropist and supporter of the Boys & Girls Club of America for who he raised $2.5 million in 2010. After that, an extra $3.5 million he raised was also donated to other charities. James also has a foundation called the Lebron James Family Foundation which has an annual bike-a-thon to support tons of different causes. Apart from doing all this and still competing, he has also supported numerous other charities like the After-School-All-Stars, ONEXONE, the Children’s Defense Fund and Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation. A busy athlete with a big heart makes us happy! Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation. A busy athlete with a big heart makes us happy!

6. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

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A helping hole in one.

Ok so Tiger Woods has had his fair share of scandal in the past, but what he’s done for other people can’t be doubted.

The Tiger Woods Foundation has been one of the most influential foundations in the world aimed at helping inner-city children. It’s also had junior golf clinics across the United States, and it also provides college programs for underprivileged youth.

Since then they have built on this venture and created four new campuses to help create a place of learning. The Tiger Woods Foundation has been one of the most generous foundations, and it has donated over $30 million to help students achieve their dreams.

Not perfect, but helping so many people!

7. Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi

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The most charitable athlete of his generation.

Since winning the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Award in 1995 for his work with underprivileged youth, Andre Agassi has been winning not only on the tennis court but also at life.

Back in 2001 he opened a tuition-free school in Las Vegas for children who were at-risk. He donated over $35 million personally, and since then the school has had a 100% pass and college acceptance rate!

He also has several other charitable foundations to his name, including the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation which has a residential facility for abused and neglected children called Child Haven.

He donated money for the building of a clinic for medically fragile children, and he has been part of Athletes for Hope since 2007.

Lately, he has created a line of snacks with V20 Foods of which all proceeds go to his educational foundation, as well as funding the building a new school in 2014 which is still under construction.

8. Dikembe Mutombo

Dikembe Mutombo

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Africa’s big friendly giant.

Dikembe Mutombo is not only an incredible basketball player, but he is also a famous humanitarian.

He is the head of the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation, which aims to better living conditions in the DRC since 1997. He has also participated in the Basketball Without Borders program that had famous basketball players play all around Africa to spread awareness and opportunities throughout the continent.

Mutombo legendarily paid for uniforms and expenses for the Zaire female basketball team in 1996, and he is a Global Ambassador for the Special Olympics. Recently he has started a hospital in a family member’s name to fight polio in the DRC, and he has partnered with his old university to help visually impaired kids from underprivileged families to learn. Truly astounding.