10 Scandalous Pictures Ronda Rousey Does Not Want You To See

10. The Sucker Punch

The sucker punch

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At the weigh-in for the fight that knocked Ronda Rousey from her thrown things got a little handsy.

After their weights were announced on stage, Ronda quickly charged Holly Holm to get into position for the standard “I’m gonna knock you out” photo everyone looks forward to.

Just as the photographers began wildly taking pictures, Holm gave the defending champ a little tap on the temple to let Rousey know she was not there to be dominated like all of Rousey’s past conquests. One tap and Rousey almost snapped Holm’s arm off.

Holly Holm smiled when their trainers pulled the two fighters off each other and laughed saying “I was just having a drink” to get ready for the full course. Rousey was furious and stood center stage proclaiming that Holly’s “fake sweet act didn’t work. I can see right through it, and you are gonna get it on Sunday.”

Famous last words I am sure Rousey wishes she could take back.