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The Cast Of ‘A League Of Their Own’ Then And Now

Source: Roger Ebert A League of Their Own was inspired by the baseball legend, Dottie Collins during World War II. Sisters Gina Casey and Alice Fracasso, on whom the classic baseball flick was based, founded the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League way back in 1943.

Michael Phelps Goes Out Golden

Phelps stated, “It was the cherry on top of the cake that I wanted.” In order to finish off an extraordinary career as an Olympian, Phelps got to experience one additional victory, this time with his teammates. He clearly cares about the sport of swimming, and even though he says that he no longer wants to compete in the Olympics, it remains to be seen whether he is actually done with swimming. However, he is clearly looking forward to spending time with his son and focusing on other aspects of his life, saying, “It’s time for me to start the next chapter of my life.”

Top 15 NASCAR Cheaters Who Got Caught

Junior Johnson, 1966 Source: superchevy Ford Motor Co. began the 1966 season boycotting NASCAR over engine regulations. But at Atlanta in August, car owner Junior Johnson broke ranks with the other Ford teams. Johnsons Yellow Banana had a chopped roofline, a slanted windshield and wildly contoured fenders. Miraculously, it was permitted to race. Rumors were […]

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