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Once Successful Athletes Who Are Now Completely Broke

The average salary for an NFL player who has only played for one year is $510,000 a year. For the NHL player who only has one year under his belt it’s $525,000 and for the NBA, it’s $845,059. But when they think they’re bigger than life, start meddling with drugs or give their money to […]

Celebrities Who Ended Up Marrying Their Mistresses

It’s not often that the mistress is the one to land the guy, but these celebrities prove that the old adage just isn’t true! Although these partnerships might have started on rocky ground, these stars eventually made their “other woman” into their “one and only”. Claire Danes & Billy Crudup Danes and Crudup meet on […]

The 28 Most Paused Movie Moments Of All Time

From the antiquated VHS tapes to the more modern Netflix, the pause button is often used whether for future plot points or simply nefarious means. Here are the 28 most paused moments. 1/ Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) – On any list of paused moments, you have to include Fast Times. Phoebe Cates, playing […]