15 Professional Athletes You Had No Idea Were Gay

For many decades the subject of gay professional athletes has been a hot topic, with many coming out after retirement. Here are fifteen athletes that you may not know are gay. Megan Rapinoe – Soccer Source: usmagazine Megan Rapinoe is probably the most famous female soccer player in the world. She was on the U.S. […]

The 13 Most Awesome Sports You Didn’t Know Existed!

By the end of this article you’ll have thirteen more things to check off your bucket list. These sports are so weirdly awesome you’ll be dying to try them out! But be careful, must of them are pretty reckless; but your not having fun until someone gets hurt, right? Shin Kicking Source: telegraph This sport […]

21 Remarkable Female Athletes of Today

Source: HD Wallpaper IA Although there are many female athletes, who have achieved success, these handful of women are remarkable and inspirational. Here are 21 female athletes who overcame adversity to achieve their dreams and dominate their sport.

Fan Interference At Its Finest

Sports fans are a strange bunch, many would do anything to ensure the victory of their team. Though, fans can be a game changer at times for and against their teams. Fan interference has a huge effect on the outcome of a match. Here are some of the ways fans have interfered and made massive […]

The Top NFL Stadiums

Attending an NFL game is the memory of a lifetime for many fans. Nothing compares to witnessing your favorite players crashing into each other on the field. Well, actually there is another aspect of football that’s very important: the stadiums. These 21st century versions of Roman Coliseums continue to get larger and more modern. Many […]

Sports Records so Great They May Never Be Broken

Breaking a record in sports is a dream for any athlete. Some records are broken over and over again each year, however, there are a few records that stand for year after year before they are ever broken. And then there are the records that are so great and have stood for so long that people say they will never be broken. Here are those extreme feats:

Is the EA Sports Madden Curse Real?

The EA Sports game covering professional football is called Madden, which is pretty much common knowledge since the game recently celebrated its twenty fifth year in production. The problem is the Madden franchise has never been able to shake what is called the Madden curse. This is a curse that dooms the cover player who […]