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Police Pepper Spray Students During a Riot After Ohio State’s Win

This past Monday, January 12, 2015, the Ohio State buckeyes beat Oregon 42-20 in the National Championship Game of college football’s inaugural four-team playoff at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. What should have been a joyful celebration for Ohio State students quickly became an out of control riot. Getty Images Moments after the big win […]

Can You Guess the Ugliest Sport in the World?

Bet you didn’t think of Olympic diving. During competitions the divers faces look like they’ve been strapped to the back of a rocket as they hurl towards the ground while spinning. And let me tell you, it ain’t pretty. But it is rather entertaining!   Source: list25

17 Most Gruesome Injuries That Have Happened in Professional Sports

Sports are enjoyed by the world over, it’s a great form of some good old fashioned family fun. But playing professional sports is dangerous, and every now and again an athlete suffers an injury that is particularly nasty. Here are 17 truly gruesome injuries that have occurred in professional sports. Terry Butcher Source: telegraph His […]

What It’s Actually Like to Work as an NFL Cheerleader

If you watch professional football, you see them on TV all the time: NFL cheerleaders performing impressive jumps and flips while showing off their perhaps even more impressive figures. Certainly, no NFL game would be complete without the entertainment and pep of these professional cheerleaders, but have you ever stopped to wonder what working as […]

13 People in Sports Getting Paid Way Too Much

We all know that professional athletes are ridiculously over paid in the first place but what about those who are making way above their pay grade? Like “what do you even do with all that money” money. Here are some athletes and sports reporters that are making way more money than they’re worth! Vernon Wells […]