Most Unique Golf Courses in the World

Golf is wonderful, especially when taken to extremes. Few could imagine how popular this sport would become, when it started about 600 years ago. To enjoy the game, golfers go to great lengths (literally). Here are some of the most unique golf courses in the world:

st andrews golf course

Source: forelinksters

The Oldest

Golf started in Scotland during the early 1400’s. The oldest golf course in the world is St. Andrews, established in 1552, which a golfer can still play today. Mary, Queen of Scots played golf in 1567. The game was already quite popular by then. Originally, the game of golf had only 12 holes. During the 1700’s, it had 22 holes. It wasn’t until 1883 that this changed to 18 holes. Visitors to St. Andrews today can play one of seven courses, including the old course, and get to see the history of golf in the St. Andrews museum. It is fun to try putting on the 18th hole with various antique putters and golf balls, which are available for guest use.