10 Most Hated Athletes In Sports

Most Hated Lance Armstrong

Source: bloomberg

Whether they’re doping, lying, embezzling, or screwing over their fans, these athletes are the worst of the worst. Professional athletes are supposed to be model citizens and positive influences on children and their fans. These people are anything but that.

Here are the 10 most hated athletes in sports today.

1. Alex Rodriguez

Most Hated Alex Rodriguez

Source: CNN

Baseball – New York Yankees.

Biogenesis scandal

2. Tiger Woods

Most Hated Tiger Woods

Source: aaww


Cheating scandal and texting women about “golden showers”.

3. Floyd Mayweather

Most Hated Floyd Mayweather

Source: deathandtaxesmag


Flaunting his wealth, eight paternity suits, and three probation violations.

4. Jay Cutler

Most Hated Jay Cutler

Source: hngn

Football – Chicago Bears.

Fans and teammates hate him and he hates them too.

5. Chael Sonnen

Most Hated Chael Sonnen

Source: sherdog

UFC – Fighting

Admitting to money laundering and illegal substances.

6. Lance Armstrong

Most Hated Lance Armstrong

Source: bloomberg

Biking – Tour de France.

Doping and making himself a symbol of cancer survival.

7. Ryan Braun

Most Hated Ryan Braun

Source: slate

Baseball – Milwaukee Brewers

Doping on his MVP campaign and lying about it.

8. Aaron Hernandez

Most Hated Aaron Hernandez

Source: abcnews

Football – New England Patriots.

The life of Odin Lloyd.

9. Michael Vick

Most Hated Michael Vick

Source: salon

Football – Pittsburgh Steelers.

Illegal dog fighting ring.

10. Marshall Henderson

Most Hated Marshall Henderson

Source: businessinsider

Basketball –¬†Ole Miss.

Mocking Florida fans, flipping off Kansas City and testing positive for substance abuse.