Michael Phelps Goes Out Golden

Michael Phelps Rio Olympics
Source: This Insider

Michael Phelps has created quite a legacy as an Olympic swimmer. Before his final race, he had won 22 gold medals, which is a staggering amount compared to just about anyone else. His last race, however, completed the saga as he finished his career in the Olympics with a blaze of glory and a 23rd gold medal.

It came as no surprise that Phelps was going to experience this outcome, as the final race was the 4 X 100 medley relay, an event that the US has won during every Olympic Games other than the one that they boycotted in 1980. At age 31, people were wondering if Phelps still had it in him, but clearly, he did.

During this race, the best swimmer in each stroke had a chance to shine. Ryan Murphy started it out with a backstroke that he did at a record pace. Cody Miller then did the breaststroke, and then Phelps came in to do the butterfly. Phelps regained the lead from Great Britain. Nathan Adrian finished off the race to earn the US a gold medal.

Phelps stated, “It was the cherry on top of the cake that I wanted.” To finish off an extraordinary career as an Olympian, Phelps got to experience one additional victory, this time with his teammates. He clearly cares about the sport of swimming, and even though he says that he no longer wants to compete in the Olympics, it remains to be seen whether he is done with swimming. However, he is clearly looking forward to spending time with his son and focusing on other aspects of his life, saying, “It’s time for me to start the next chapter of my life.”