10 Inspirational Sports Stories That Should Become Movies

Inspirational Sports Stories That Should Become Movies

Some of the best sports films are based on an actual real life story. These people have triumphed over adversity and inspired their country and teammates despite being an being terminally ill, being an amputee, or discriminated against based on their ethnicity. Here are ten inspirational sports stories that should become Hollywood films.

1. Jackie Mitchell

Inspirational Stories Jackie Mitchell

Source: The Daily Beast

Jackie Mitchell was the first female professional baseball pitcher.

In 1931, Jackie Mitchell signed a contract with the Double-A Chattanooga Lookouts at the age of 17.

2. Roberto Clemente

Inspirational Stories Roberto Clemente

Source: Biography

Fighting for Latin American athletes.

Roberto Clemente wasn’t just a 15-time All-Star, MVP, and World Series Champion. He was also a humanitarian who did everything he could to help the Latin community and helped pioneer for Latin American athletes

3. Derek Redmond

Inspirational Stories Derek Redmond

Source: Viral Novelty

Injured his hamstrings in the middle of the semi-final race but kept running.

During the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, British sprinter Derek Redmond had a debilitating hamstring injury. His father broke through security and helped him to finish the race.

4. Anthony Robles

Inspirational Stories Anthony Robles

Source: Dawn Grant

Only one-legged wrestler to go 36-0.

Robles was born with only one leg, but he continued to train and practice to become an undefeated champion at wrestling and earn a scholarship at Arizona State University.

5. Natalie Du Toit

Inspirational Stories Natalie Du Toit

Source: ABC

A promising swimmer who lost her leg.

Natalie Du Toit was headed towards the Olympic games. But after a horrible auto accident that forced her to amputate her left leg, you would think that her swimming career was over. She continued to swim and won 10 gold medals in the 2004 and 2008 Paralympic games.

6. Billy Miske

Inspirational Stories Billy Miske

Source: Jot Down

Had five years to live and fought for his family.

Billy Miske had a boxing record of 48-2-2, but that’s not what was inspiring about him. He was diagnosed with terminal kidney disease and was expected only to live five years and to quit boxing. Knowing his family depended on him financially he continued to fight and never told a single person about his illness.

He earned enough money to buy back his family’s furniture, toys for his children and even a piano for his wife in his last match. He died a week later.

7. Bethany Hamilton

Inspirational Stories Bethany Hamilton

Source: emaze

A surfer who lost her arm to a shark, continues to her career.

Bethany Hamilton was an amazing surfer and looked to turn pro. But after a tiger shark attacked her on the coast of Kauai everybody thought her future in surfing was over. After a month in the hospital she got back on her board and at the age of 21 turned professional surfer.

8. Terry Fox

Inspirational Stories Terry Fox

Source: CBC

Survived cancer and started the Marathon of Hope

After losing his right leg to cancer in 1977, Terry Fox became one of the most famous athletes in Canadian history. He began the Marathon of Hope in 1980, a way to bring awareness for cancer research by running from one side of Canada to the other. After 143 days and 3,339 miles, he finished his run and inspired all of the Canada.

9. Jason McElwain

Inspirational Stories Jason McElwain

Source: Democrat And Chronicle

Boy with autism shocked everybody in his high school.

J-Mac was diagnosed with autism he didn’t consider himself different than anybody else. He became team manager for his team high school basketball team. During the final home game of his senior year in high school, his coach let him play in the match.

He scored 20 points in the last four minutes of the game and helped his team win the game.

10. Angelo Whittis

Inspirational Stories Angelo Whittis

Source: Winners Win

A homeless teen turned football star.

Angelo Whittis never had a stable home. He was one of the 1.5 million youth who are homeless. His coach gives him a home and helps him to become a star quarter back on his team.