History Of Sports Mascots


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There are a lot of things you have to consider when you want to become a mascot. One of the biggest things is can you handle the heat? A mascot performer must build up a lot of endurance and train in the suit. It isn’t just a skill, it’s a way of life. But where did mascots come from?

Here’s a look into the history of mascots and how they got to become the famous characters we know today.

1. Mascots Are Supposed To Bring Good Luck

Mascots Are Good Luck

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A mascot is described as a person, animal or object that is believed to bring luck to those that worship it.

2. Mascots Were Once Totems Poles

Totem Poles

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Early man would carve and paint symbols onto wall or totem poles to bring good fortune.

3. Mascots Believed To Have Supernatural Powers

Transfer Powers

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By having mascots of an animal or object, people who worshipped or even dressed like them would obtain their powers.

4. In The 1800s The First Mascots Appeared

First Mascots of the 1800s

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The late 1800s mascots started to appear on high schools and college campuses, which eventually became symbols that were embroidered onto the team’s uniforms.

These mascots were usually animals themselves but eventually became people.

5. Mascots Undergo Various Training

Mascot Boot Camp

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Majority of mascots started either in high school or college, and took different training for the individual character they were playing.

6. All Mascots Have Heating Issues

Mascot Heat Exhaustion

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The insides of all mascots are extremely warm and can have problems like heat exhaustion.