10 Gay Male Athletes Who Came Out In Sports

LGBT Athlete - Jason Collins

Source: aljazeera

In the past, you wouldn’t hear a thing about gay athletes in sports. But now, there are many different athletes who are trying to pave the way for the next generation to be open about their sexuality. Just this past year alone, there has been 73 different LGBT athletes who came out of the closet.

Here are some of the top male athletes who are open about their sexuality in sports.

1. Gus Kenworthy

LGBT Athlete - Gus Kenworthy

Source: Frontiersmedia

U.S. Olympic skier.

2. Michael Sam

LGBT Athlete - Michael Sam

Source: HuffingtonPost

NFL Cowboys athlete.

3. Tom Daley

LGBT Athlete - Tom Daley

Source: TheDailyBeast

British Olympic diver.

4. Keegan Hirst

LGBT Athlete - Keegan Hirst

Source: Independent

Britain’s rugby team.

5. Jason Collins

LGBT Athlete - Jason Collins

Source: aljazeera

National Basketball Association.

6. Matthew Mitcham

LGBT Athlete - Matthew Mitcham

Source: popsugar

U.S. Olympic diver.

7. Orlando Cruz

LGBT Athlete - Orlando Cruz

Source: LatinTimes

Puerto Rican boxer.

8. Blake Skjellerup

LGBT Athlete - Blake Skjellerup

Source: talkaboutequality

New Zealand speed skater.

9. Ian Thorpe

LGBT Athlete - Ian Thorpe

Source: eikonline

Australian Olympic swimmer.

10. Johnny Weir

LGBT Athlete - John Weir

Source: HDwallpapersimages

American figure skater