Crazy Sports Americans Don’t Know Exist

Just when you thought you heard it all in the world of sports – you haven’t! You are about to hear about five of the most incredible sports (yes, all real) that exist on this planet. These make sports like football, baseball and basketball look like child’s play and, with a bit of luck, we Americans might be lucky enough have them included in our country – not!

Sepak Takraw


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Sepak Takraw translated into a language we can all understand, this is none other than volley ball – contortionist style! This Malaysian sport began hundreds of years ago and spread like wild fire in Asia. The Roman gladiators paled by comparison when people found they could watch a bunch of guys pass a ball the size of a hacky sack over the net, while appearing to bring their legs past their ears in a variety of horizontal juxtapositions! If you think this description is impossible, check out the men doing it!



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Fierljeppen – Netherland pole vaulting – over a canal. The object of this game is for the contestant to run up a pole of 26-42 feet as fast as possible as it tips slowly to the other side to an awaiting sand pit. They must jump off the pole just before impact occurs and try to land as far away as possible. Needless to say this is not the safest sport around.

Horse Vaulting


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Horse Vaulting – one to three people do gymnastics on a horse’s back – while it’s moving! This exhilarating and highly athletic sport began around 1500 B.C. in Scandinavia and ancient Crete. Crowds got a huge kick out of who could last the longest on the horses back without getting kicked, trampled, stampeded, tangled up with the other dancers; it was great fun to watch. Contestants from 50 countries entered their horses to compete at the World Equestrian Games recently showing just how many people there are out there dancing around on horses right before our eyes. There’s a petition out to get it back into the Olympics by the way.

Canine Freestyle Dancing

Canine Freestyle Dancing

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Canine Freestyle Dancing – It is really shocking that this sport is not on the great American platform. This British pastime entails teaching dogs to do the fanciest tricks and stunts accompanied to music. Sometimes they are joined by humans doing impressions of pretzels – with the dogs jumping through the holes. This sport is so hot that it actually boasts its own worldwide organization. Quite a few anonymous big timers are trying their best to get it into the Olympics.

Calcio Fiorentino


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Calcio Fiorentino – began in the 16th century by a rich Italian family who thought it would be a riot to start a sport where two teams of barebacked men kicked each other’s rear ends. This highly similar to rugby game allows kicking, punching, wrestling, etc. without any interference from referees or other people who believe in fair play.