15 Hilarious Sports Fail Gifs

These 15 athletes are totally losing it. These sports fails are just out of control. It almost makes you wonder how they became pro athletes in the first place. I mean aren’t you supposed to be coordinated? Based on these gifs, I guess it doesn’t really matter.  Source: anorak He’s trying to play it off […]

The Top NFL Stadiums

Attending an NFL game is the memory of a lifetime for many fans. Nothing compares to witnessing your favorite players crashing into each other on the field. Well, actually there is another aspect of football that’s very important: the stadiums. These 21st century versions of Roman Coliseums continue to get larger and more modern. Many […]

Is the EA Sports Madden Curse Real?

The EA Sports game covering professional football is called Madden, which is pretty much common knowledge since the game recently celebrated its twenty fifth year in production. The problem is the Madden franchise has never been able to shake what is called the Madden curse. This is a curse that dooms the cover player who […]

The 16 Worst Sports Uniforms of all Time

Some sports uniforms were not very fashionably designed. Here are some of the worst of all time. Source: mitchellandness The Toronto Raptors have worn a uniform with a cartoonish red raptor dinosaur dribbling a basketball for the last several years.. The colors purple and red are not complimentary.

These Remarkable Athletes Dominated Multiple Pro Sports

Athletes playing at the professional level must excel tremendously to maintain their level of performance. Depending on the sport they play, it can be physically and mentally tolling on the body and mind. Regardless of the specific sport, most professional athletes share a common thread, they are each driven to succeed. This drive and focus […]

These 5 Teams Have Insanely Passionate Super Fans

SUPER FANS! Source: localnomad Every sports team has at least a small group of fan to support them during game time, but there are the few teams out there that have fans that their cheering and support to an extreme level. These few teams have people who will literally fight for the team and cry […]

Professional Athletes Still Doping After All These Years

Doping in professional sports continues to grow even as tougher testing policies come into effect. This season, the NFL will randomly select five teams each week. Eight players from each of these five teams will undergo testing. The only players exempt from the testing are those already subject to reasonable-cause testing. But it’s not just the NFL […]

The Biggest Busts in Sports History

It is so easy to get lost in the world of professional sports. The games are addicting, the athletes are elite, and the different major sports are constantly broadcast to us. Through our passion for the sport we get familiar with the legends: Derek Jeter, Peyton Manning, Barry Sanders, and Tiger Woods. What we don’t […]

13 Weirdest Sports Superstitions

Source: jacksonville It might sound crazy, but John Henderson, the defensive tackle for the Jaguars, would ask the assistant trainer to slap him across the face as hard as he could before every game to psych him up to win.