13 People in Sports Getting Paid Way Too Much

We all know that professional athletes are ridiculously over paid in the first place but what about those who are making way above their pay grade? Like “what do you even do with all that money” money. Here are some athletes and sports reporters that are making way more money than they’re worth! Vernon Wells […]

15 of the Craziest Sports Mascots You’ve Never Seen

American sports teams have some of the wildest mascots you could imagine. Seriously, America, the banana slugs? How is that a mascot? I mean, I know they are supposed to be goofy and entertaining but where do we draw the line?┬áLet’s take a look at some of the craziest mascots out there. Fort Wayne Mad […]

15 Hilarious Sports Fail Gifs

These 15 athletes are totally losing it. These sports fails are just out of control. It almost makes you wonder how they became pro athletes in the first place. I mean aren’t you supposed to be coordinated? Based on these gifs, I guess it doesn’t really matter. ┬áSource: anorak He’s trying to play it off […]

Fan Interference At Its Finest

Sports fans are a strange bunch, many would do anything to ensure the victory of their team. Though, fans can be a game changer at times for and against their teams. Fan interference has a huge effect on the outcome of a match. Here are some of the ways fans have interfered and made massive […]

Sports Records so Great They May Never Be Broken

Breaking a record in sports is a dream for any athlete. Some records are broken over and over again each year, however, there are a few records that stand for year after year before they are ever broken. And then there are the records that are so great and have stood for so long that people say they will never be broken. Here are those extreme feats:

The 16 Worst Sports Uniforms of all Time

Some sports uniforms were not very fashionably designed. Here are some of the worst of all time. Source: mitchellandness The Toronto Raptors have worn a uniform with a cartoonish red raptor dinosaur dribbling a basketball for the last several years.. The colors purple and red are not complimentary.

The 15 Biggest Trash Talkers in Sports History

The two things people like about sports are action and drama. The drama tenses them up and makes them more interested in players on a personal level. And boy, these people here knew how to bring some drama to the game. 15. John McEnroe Source: topnews McEnroe’s bad boy image does a great job of […]

These Remarkable Athletes Dominated Multiple Pro Sports

Athletes playing at the professional level must excel tremendously to maintain their level of performance. Depending on the sport they play, it can be physically and mentally tolling on the body and mind. Regardless of the specific sport, most professional athletes share a common thread, they are each driven to succeed. This drive and focus […]

These 5 Teams Have Insanely Passionate Super Fans

SUPER FANS! Source: localnomad Every sports team has at least a small group of fan to support them during game time, but there are the few teams out there that have fans that their cheering and support to an extreme level. These few teams have people who will literally fight for the team and cry […]

14 Starlets That Have Dated Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter has come to be known as a bit of a playboy, and for good reason. He’s dated some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Models, singers, actresses; Derek Jeter doesn’t discriminate. So let’s look back on all these lovely ladies. Source: fanpop Mariah Carey Jeter and Carey dated from 1996-1998. She was […]