10 Incredibly Weird Arrests in Sports

Celebrities are like people, people who get concussions that affect their mental sanity and do crazy stuff when under the influence. Some of these arrests stand the test of time, have happened over 10 years ago, but are still some of the weirdest arrested of professional athletes ever.

16 Times Baseball Managers Absolutely Lost It

Though we expect the most expressive on the diamond to be the players themselves, sometimes, the management likes to get into it too. Here’s 16 examples of some of the finest examples of pissed-off skippers the major leagues have to offer.

17 Most Gruesome Injuries That Have Happened in Professional Sports

Sports are enjoyed by the world over, it’s a great form of some good old fashioned family fun. But playing professional sports is dangerous, and every now and again an athlete suffers an injury that is particularly nasty. Here are 17 truly gruesome injuries that have occurred in professional sports. Terry Butcher Source: telegraph His […]