59 Athletes With A Surprising Net Worth

Think you know the net worth of your favorite athletes? Think again. Check out these athletes whose net worths could buy all of the personal fitness trainers and health club memberships in the world. Maria Sharapova – $195 Million Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova is currently number 9 in the world. She has a net worth […]

Star Athletes And The Amazing Celebrity Women Who Support(ed) Them

Athletes in their respective fields are incredible, they’re dedicated, hard working, obviously wealthy, and are adored by many fans all over the globe. However, there is one particular person in their life that perhaps adores them more than a fan, their other half. It’s often said that the wife makes the man and in these […]

Once Successful Athletes Who Are Now Completely Broke

The average salary for an NFL player who has only played for one year is $510,000 a year. For the NHL player who only has one year under his belt it’s $525,000 and for the NBA, it’s $845,059. But when they think they’re bigger than life, start meddling with drugs or give their money to […]

15 Athletes You Didn’t Know Were Related

Becoming a pro athlete takes years of sweat, blood, and tears, but there are certain athletes who also come from a long line of sports superstars. Check out these athletes you probably didn’t know were related to each other.

The Three Most Victorious Sports Cities

Source: fansided Winning a sports championship is one of the most exciting things that can happen for a town. The problem is that each town’s team is only considered victorious if they are winning championships. What people do not realize is the true winning cities are those that have a team that manages to help […]