15 Hilarious Sports Fail Gifs

These 15 athletes are totally losing it. These sports fails are just out of control. It almost makes you wonder how they became pro athletes in the first place. I mean aren’t you supposed to be coordinated? Based on these gifs, I guess it doesn’t really matter. ¬†Source: anorak He’s trying to play it off […]

Sports Records so Great They May Never Be Broken

Breaking a record in sports is a dream for any athlete. Some records are broken over and over again each year, however, there are a few records that stand for year after year before they are ever broken. And then there are the records that are so great and have stood for so long that people say they will never be broken. Here are those extreme feats:

Most Unique Golf Courses in the World

Golf is wonderful, especially when taken to extremes. Few could imagine how popular this sport would become, when it started about 600 years ago. To enjoy the game, golfers go to great lengths (literally). Here are some of the most unique golf courses in the world: Source: forelinksters The Oldest Golf started in Scotland during […]

These 7 Athletes Are Fashion Criminals!

¬† Source: cbsnewyork Sport fans enjoy knowing about their favorite athletes. They love knowing how they live, what they drive, contract decisions, trading options a true fan wants to know it all. This is even true when it comes to what they wear. Every fan hopes their athlete dresses their best, but sometimes they miss […]