Twitter Has Some Thoughts About Serena Williams’ Fiancé


Source: Hollywood Life

Recently, the world’s best female tennis player Serena Williams announced her engagement to Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit. While many fans expressed happiness for the interracial couple, many were shocked and enraged.

Black Twitter, particularly, has released an explosive concoction of both positive and negative emotions in response to the announcement. The engagement between William and Ohanian has caused the controversial issue of interracial relationships to come up. Many of the comments on social media have revealed the intolerance and hate people feel over the fact that William is marrying a white man, while others have expressed amusement that people think this is even still a problem.

Some of the comments on social media about the engagement between the world famous tennis player and the tech genius include:

M.Vaughn @melvinik: “Serena Williams engaged to a white man… White twitter vs Black twitter”

Brandon @JealousCloud : “Blk men complaining about Serena being engaged to a white man are being sarcastic. The funny thing is, yall think they’re being serious.”

Kenan X @KenanTheSpeaker: “So are we gonna talk about Serena Williams not being strong enough to handle a black man or is that rhetoric just for black men?”

YOGI @yogihoagie: “Serena Williams has been linked to every Black man in the industry and she turns around and marries the white devil. I can’t.”

In response to YOGI’s tweet, another user responded: “Wow.. And if I said this about a white woman and a black man I’d be crucified. White privilege, am I right?”

Undoubtedly, the engagement between Serena Wiliams and Alexis Ohanian was a surprise for most people. While many are congratulating the couple for the engagement, others are projecting their emotions and feelings about interracial marriage on the couple.