Amazing Athletes Who Have Struggled With Mental Illness

Brandon Marshall – Borderline Personality Disorder


Source: Sporting News

The New York Jets wide receiver went public with his ailment in 2011.

Brandon Marshall was a somewhat controversial figure in football. With a history of conflicts with teammates and run-ins with police, many were wondering what was wrong with the undeniably talented wide receiver.

They got their answer in 2011 when Marshall revealed that he has Borderline Personality Disorder, a mental illness characterized by substance abuse, depression, mood swings, and erratic behavior.

Since being diagnosed, Marshall has received treatment and is now a vocal advocate for those suffering from mental illness. In a PSA promoting getting treatment, he said:

“Before I was at MacLean hospital, if someone had said mental health to me, the first thing that came to mind was mental toughness, masking pain, hiding, keeping it in … that’s what was embedded in me since I was a kid. You know, never show a sign of weakness. And it’s funny, because now I know it’s the total opposite. It’s being able to have the strength to pick up the phone and ask someone for help.”