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59 Athletes With A Surprising Net Worth

Think you know the net worth of your favorite athletes? Think again. Check out these athletes whose net worths could buy all of the personal fitness trainers and health club memberships in the world. Maria Sharapova – $195 Million Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova is currently number 9 in the world. She has a net worth […]

The Woman Setting The Golf World On Fire

Paige Spiranac — Click Next To Get Started Paige Spiranac recently erupted into public awareness for her supermodel looks and superhuman golf swing. The twenty-two-year-old recent college graduate is gearing up to win an LPGA tour card, and her chances look good. They’re not the only thing that look good, either. Paige has racked up […]

25 Caddyshack Secrets That’ll Change The Way You View The Film

Source: MGM Pictures Just over 36 years ago, the cult classic film Caddyshack was released to the public and won audiences over nationwide with its brash-but-hilarious comedy. It acted as a launching platform for actors such as Rodney Dangerfield and first-time director Harold Ramis. At the time, the stars of the film like Chevy Chase […]

Celebrities Who Ended Up Marrying Their Mistresses

It’s not often that the mistress is the one to land the guy, but these celebrities prove that the old adage just isn’t true! Although these partnerships might have started on rocky ground, these stars eventually made their “other woman” into their “one and only”. Claire Danes & Billy Crudup Danes and Crudup meet on […]